Rapid Indigo

does your business settle for..
    inferior software?
    spreadsheet chaos?
    your critical data locked away?

drowning in systems that...
    are counter-productive?
    hold back growth?
    costs are adding up?

fixing the technology octopus for ...

AirtableData StudiohubspotMorgan Branding

optimise your software landscape

choose the best software go beyond bold marketing claims, we work hard to find the best fit
automation & a.i.eradicate manual processes & costly mistakes.
integrated systems banish inefficiency & errors caused by fragmented system & copy / paste.

low-code innovation

we build bespoke systems in weeksimagine a single system that ran your whole business: CRM, quote generation, resourcing, project management, mobile apps and operations all in one?
want to build systems yourself?
collaborative projects to turn innovation into dependable business systems.

make sense of your data

data dashboards to visualise your business?spot anomalies, head off issues early and see trends & opportunities.

data in one place we build systems to consolidate & merge data from any system.

empower your staff

bespoke onboarding plans your people's journey is vital to ensure investment in better technology lives up to expectations.  We never leave great system adoption to chance.

experts in ...

AirtablemakeData StudiohubspotcouplerClickUpMicrosoft Power Platform

we also work existing systems, get in touch, we can help with most business software & data challenges.

what our customers say...

Callum Morgan
Rapid Indigo transformed our Airtable system so don't have to hire another admin to scale to new clients..
AVF Solutions
Callum Morgan
Dan & the team have transformed the way we manage our business by working with us on an initial implementation to get the system working. Now as a long term partner to exploit the power of ClickUp.
Callum, Morgan Branding
Contact Rapid Indigo Today
Callum Morgan
When you find the right people, that find the right software & build the system around your needs, then you've got gold
Rhys, Lick Me I'm Delicious

  frequently asked questions

who are you? What do you do?
Dan Sparrow

Based in Oxford, UK, Rapid Indigo works with high-growth, ambitious organisations to harness the power of modern, cloud based software. Led by Dan Sparrow, who has over 20 years experience in software and data delivery projects. He is supported by a team of experienced technical associates.

why are you different?
‍We advocate a people and process first, technology second approach. In a nutshell, we ensure that your technology is aligned to your business, not the other way around. We take the time to understand your business and it's unique challenges before diving in. Sometimes the best outcomes can be provided by improving your existing systems, replacing them with better solutions or even develop
we have subscriptions to a lot of platforms already!
Don't worry, this happens everywhere! Our speciality is helping companies make sense of what they actually need and what is helping or hindering them. We often find that busy, successful companies don't have time to effectively customise software, update processes and manage staff adoption - we can find a match for most organisations.
who do you typically work with
Mainly SME's/Start-Ups who want to have a better relationship with systems/software/data, want to scale, improve efficiency, staff experience or customer service (often all at the same time!). We have long term relationships with Oxford University Science spin outs who need to get the right systems in place to support rapid growth.
you mention software such as ClickUp & Airtable, is that all you do?
The list of systems we have worked with is too long to list! Often we work to improve and exploit what you already have with simple improvements or integrations. Whilst we are advocates of some some great low-code platforms, we are fiercely independent, allowing us to recommend the best technology for your rather than generating commission.
what is your rapid review?
We hold workshops and a fact finding mission to understand what are the key challenges and opportunities that improvements to your software and ways of working could bring.
are you just about projects?
Nope, once we have addressed the initial challenge; we have options for long term management and support to help continuously evolve your systems as your business does. We advocate 'a little and often' to keep your systems aligned with your operations, this helps evolve where improvements are needed in a piecemeal approach, without big distracting projects.
what's the rapid indigo data service?
The foundations of any data driven organisation is the consolidation of all your data in one place. There are plenty of pricey tools out there that will purport to make this simple. But how about if we went beyond a software subscription and took over making sure your data consideration was set-up with your various systems, continuously monitored for issues, interactive KPI dashboards set up and advice/guidance for your staff to carry out data analysis?

still have questions?
drop us a note!

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